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We have been serving irresistible comfort food since 2021. Our mission is to keep you smiling with every bite.

"Greek Cuisine with a pinch"

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Modern Simple Minimalist Frames
Modern Simple Minimalist Frames

Greek cuisine is : great products, close to their production date, cooked simply without tortouring the ingredient, presented with greek grace and enjoying a great greek wine or beer or spirit

Modern Simple Minimalist Frames

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"geia sou"

Welcome to my blog! I'm Rigas Rigopoulos Kanellos. I'm a culinary chef, the owner of Pirate's Tavern in Nothern Chania, Creta. I also own the gastronomic web site and also running the Cooking Lessons Paleochora a culinary guide that also provides cooking classes and tours experiences Creta.

Studied History, Mechanic and Chef and combined my knowledges in research of Ancient Greek Cuisine and the technology behind it. When I'm not busy in the kitchen, you can find me sampling different dishes from all over the Greece, Balkans and the places that I travel.

Join me on a gastronomic journey one blog post a time! Member of Sustainable Gastronomy Greece fighting for cutting the food waste in Greece and also helping refuggees, through cooking with organizations in Athens , to find their place in Greek society. I also revive ancient Greek recipes and cold meats like "Apochti" and Ancient Greek Salad.

Awarded from Lux Life England for "The best Traditional Restaurant in Athens and Cooking Classes Leader in Athens for 2019". Two times awarded in 2019 by "exodos time" for our work at Saligaros restau Exarchia, Athens. And winner restaurant 2022 for To_Peiratiko Creta by the "Eagles of Gasrtonomy.

Now living in Creta and researching for old Cretan recipes and ways to revive them. Also I needed to be in the first stage of of production to gain more knowledge and currently working in the olive oil production of "tsounati" olives which they are the oldest alive olive trees in the world. Working on the greenhouses of Koundoura Creta and working with old Cretans to pass me their knowledge


I have worked in the restaurant industry since 1996 and have created some signature dishes of Greece like "sykamia", "Spartacus Soup", "Ancient Greek Salad", "Apochti", "Tartare from Kavourmas", the first "Sheep Burger" of Greece, " Sheep Ravioli" and many more... I look forward to meet you and colaborate with you...

In Greek Gastronomy we trust...

greek cuisine is

greek cuisine is

great products close to their production date, cooked simply without torturing the ingredients, presented with Greek grace and off course making excellent pies.

Greek cuisine has passion, lust and knowledge of thousands year of history. Greek cuisine, like the Greek language, is the oldest alive and constant cuisine.

Greek cuisine, like Greek sailors and explorers loves travelling and whatever new meets and likes it, it embraces it.

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Modern Simple Minimalist Frames

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